“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

-- Gandhi 



What’s the big idea?

DealWagger.com exists for our pets.  Three pet lovers created this easy, fun website to shop for unique and traditional pet supplies. Why not help pet owners beat long, frustrating lines by giving them an opportunity to shop in peace at home. DealWagger also partners with charities and rescues and donates proceeds to support them.

DealWagger.com also provides pet businesses valuable exposure as a risk-free marketing channel to reach new customers and share unique, ground-breaking products through our store. If you have an great product that you imagine on DealWagger.com, we want to know about it: info@dealwagger.com 



Co-Founders and Brothers: Micky and Brando 


Where are we located?

DealWagger’s main offices are located in New York, NY, with a satellite office in Los Angeles, CA. Not only do our founders reside in each of these respective cities, but these are also strong communities where pet owners represent an enormous percentage of each city’s total population. Our representation on each coast gives us the best opportunity to reach forward-thinking consumers across the nation-- and allows for quicker, cheaper shipping too!




 Maor, Kevin and Nathan