Healing Energy Stones for Pets w/ Amy Davidson

Amy Davidson is a talented actress and avid dog lover, residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is best known for her role as Kerry Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. Recently, Amy just wrapped an independent film called Another Stateside.

When Amy voiced her satisfaction about gemstone therapy for pets, it piqued our interest as DealWagger is an open-minded company interested in improving the lives of pets in any way possible. She introduced us to Lucy and Penny Zen Products, whose focus is on providing high-quality genuine gemstone jewelry, made with health and healing in mind.


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Amy’s two loves pictured with her above are named Stanley and Sophie. They both wear Lucy and Penny Zen Charms that simply clasp onto their collars. The stones each have healing qualities that benefit their emotional and physical balance. Amy mentioned that when the dogs are taken in to the vet for a teeth-cleaning, their recovery from being under anesthesia is never a pleasant experience. However, most recently, her veterinarian agreed to allow the dogs to wear their Zen gemstones throughout the procedure and during their recovery. Amy reported that the dogs had never recovered so quickly and the entire experience was less traumatic overall, convincing her that the healing qualities of the Zen gemstones played a significant role.

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Unique & Eco-friendly Pet Supplies



DealWagger.com is here to present you with products you simply can’t find in typical pet supply shops. Here is a short list of sample unique products from each category in our Dog Store:

1. Dog Food: Sojo’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Just add water to this freeze dried food and your dog will be in heaven. Tastes great!






2. Dog Treats & Chews: Isle of Dogs Grain Free Dog Treats

Wheat-Gluten free, high quality whole food-based dog treats.






3. Dog Health & Wellness: Zen Energy Healing Stones



Calming, relaxing energy stones that link right around your pets collar. You’d be surprised at the difference they make in anxious pets.






4. Dog Feeding Accessories: Unleashed Life High-Rise Nickel Raised Feeder


High style with affordable price points. Unleashed Life feeders will really spruce up your kitchen and fit your modern style.






5. Dog Collars, Harnesses, & Leashes: Officially Licensed Dog Sports Collars


Time to represent your team daily! Walk your dog down the street with more pride than ever for your favorite professional team.






6. Dog Toys: Officially Licensed Dog Sports Rope Disk Toys


Time for your dog to have fun with your favorite squad! Rope Disk Toys are every die hard fan’s favorite!






7. Dog Sports Gear & More: Officially Licensed Dog Sports Jerseys


NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. We’ve got jerseys for every professional sports league.






8. Dog Accessories & Supplies: Earth Rated Biodegradable Poop Bags


Biodegradable and compostable. Lavender-scented for your olfactory pleasure. Easy clean-up!








9. Dog Beds & Home: Sofa Covers and Throws


Protect your furniture with water-resistant protective coverings with style.






10. Dog Travel: Wacky Paws Pet Carriers


Easy to put together, to carry, and comfortable for your pet. These pet carriers are no-brainers for short and long trips.





For information about this blog, send us an email.  Also visit www.dealwagger.com to shop by category for your dog or cat needs. Merchants may submit a form to be added here.  Last but not least, don’t forget to connect with us through FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and share our blog posts with your network. 


Natural Dog Grooming Products: ‘Isle of Dogs’ Featured

Dog Health, Beauty, Wellbeing

Isle of Dogs has created a dog grooming system that addresses each dog’s unique breed and coat. The brand founders uncovered groundbreaking grooming solutions developed by a British chemist, featuring two valuable natural substances. One is a cold-pressed oil known as Evening Primrose Oil, while the other is called Royal Jelly. The solutions were based on a specific emulsion that released unusually high levels of natural oils in water-based products. The unique formula resulted in a more healthy, smooth  and shiny coat for dogs, and is the primary principle behind the Isle of Dogs system.

Isle of Dogs have found that before you can properly treat a dog, you must first take into account essential traits. Any dog will be placed into a category formed by several variables: a) one of over 165 breeds, b) four genders (including spayed and neutered), c) coat textures and colors, d) a few age groups, and e) a variety of lifestyles. Each one of them will have different grooming needs, so identifying and addressing these individual traits is quite relevant. Unlike any other grooming system, Isle of Dogs recognizes the complexity of your dog’s coat and skin, prescribing properly matched holistic products. Isle of Dogs system uses a combination of shampoo, conditioner, sprays, and coat supplements to maximize your dog’s health and beauty from the inside out.

Isle of Dogs Provides Comfort

Many pet owners don’t know how to take proper care of their dogs when it comes to grooming. They sometimes use human shampoos, with the incorrect pH balances. They don’t bathe their dogs often enough, fearing shampoos may dry their dog’s coat. Sound familiar? Sometimes they may even think the process is a big hassle. But in reality, our dogs are family members, too. They play with our kids and they sleep on or in our beds. We even take them to day care, travel with them, and don’t we all love to pamper them.

But somehow, when it comes to grooming, it would seem as if itching and scratching are supposed to be commonplace in dogs. This need not be the case, and Isle Of Dogs is committed to helping you keep your dog as comfortable and immaculate as possible, and reaching his or her full potential.

Isle of Dogs Now Featured in our NEW PRODUCTS section.

What does natural mean for Isle of Dogs?

The term “natural” is not regulated by the FDA, so they’ve set high internal standards. Natural products should have high concentrations of:

  • Plant-derived Antioxidants
  • Plant-derived Proteins, Butters, and Oils
  • Renewable, sustainable, or organic Botanicals
  • Wildcrafted, organic, or ethically harvested Essential Oils
  • Minerals, Vitamins, and Essential Fatty Acids

But None of these:

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate
  • Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes



Isle of Dogs Now Featured in our NEW PRODUCTS section.

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Dog College Apparel : Win $25 in March Madness Contest

Dog College Sports Apparel

DealWagger.com is sponsoring a March Madness Contest along with their affiliate PetSportsGear.com. If you love your college and want your dog represent your alma mater or favorite team during the NCAA Tournament, enter this contest to win $25 of Officially Licensed NCAA Pet Sports Gear!

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A winner will be chosen at random and will be credited $25 toward PetSportsGear.com. Contest ends March 22, 2013.


How to Give Pet CPR and Save Their Life

 How to Give Your Pet CPR and Save their Life


In case the infographic above did not load, the following are steps to give CPR to a pet:

1. Check for breathing and pulse: check pulse using middle and index finger below the wrist, inner thigh (femoral artery), below the ankle or where the left elbow touches the chest.

2. Look for other warning signs:

  • Gums & lips will appear discolored.
  • Pupils will be dilated and not responsive to light

3. If not breathing, give breath to animal:  

  • Cats and small dogs: place your mouth over its nose and mouth to blow air in.
  • Medium-large dogs: place your mouth over its nose and blow air in

4. Heimlich maneuver: if breath won’t go in, airway may be blocked. Turn dog upside down, with its back against your chest. Wrap your arms around the dog and clasp your hands together just below its rib cage (since you’re holding the dog upside down, its above the rib cage, in the abdomen). Using both arms, give five sharp thrusts to the abdomen. Then, check its mouth or airway for the object. If you don’t see it, remove it and give two more rescue breaths.

5. Start compressions if no pulse: lay animal on right side and place hand over ribs where its elbow touches the chest. Begin compressions. Do not give compressions if dog has pulse.

6. Repeat procedure:

  • Check pulse after 1 minute and then every few minutes
  • Continue giving CPR until the animal has a pulse and is breathing
  • Stop CPR after 20 minutes

SOURCE: American Red Cross


Dog Cone Alternative: BooBooLoon Recovery Collar

The Dreaded Recovery Cone

Anyone who has a dog or cat that has had an injury and/or surgery knows about the dreaded Elizabethan recovery cone. It is uncomfortable, unsightly, and its safe to say that pets suffer with it around their necks all day and night.

Micky Recovery Cone

Elizabethan Cone Alternative

Not too long ago, my cat Micky was attacked by an unknown assailant outside and he ended up with a gash and 9 stitches near his shoulder, along with a plastic cone that seemed to cause him more discomfort than his injury itself (pictured below). I really wished there was some sort of alternative to that horrific recovery cone that the veterinarian’s office provided and charged us for. Although it was too late for Micky, I did find that alternative recovery cone I had been seeking– and its called the BooBooLoon. Its pretty simple: your pet has a “boo-boo” and the recovery cone is inflated, created a “balloon” of sorts. BooBooLoon.

BooBooLoon Recovery Cone

About the BooBooLoon

The BooBooLoon inflatable collar forms a soft cushion around your pet’s neck. It protects their wounds and at the same time, provides comfort and allows your pet to eat, drink, sleep and move normally. Just at a time when your pet isn’t feeling too great, the BooBooLoon inflatable collar is a comfort and a pleasure instead of those hard, rigid cones and collars of the past.

The creators of the cone came up with the idea after their Boxer had skin cancer surgery and was sent home from the veterinarian with a rigid Elizabethan style cone to restrict her from harming her wounds. The rigid collar was simply too uncomfortable to use. They tried soft, inflatable collars that didn’t work and finally improvised by using neck pillows and safety pins, which gave them the idea for the BooBooLoon inflatable collar.

Purchase the BooBooLoon

It’s a great idea to purchase a BooBooLoon BEFORE your pet gets injured. At the point of your pet being injured you will need the product at that very moment, rather than waiting days for it to ship out and leaving your pet to suffer.

Direct Link: http://www.dealwagger.com/dog_cat/boobooloon-recovery-collar-inflatable.html

How To Video: BooBooLoon Cone Recovery Video

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Pet Carrier


4 Key Features to Consider When Buying a Pet Carrier

By, Mark Sevillano Jr. of Wacky Paws USA

#1. SAFETY:  Safety is the number one priority when shopping for a pet travel carrier. Never purchase a carrier that will cause your pet harm. Make sure the carrier is prop 65 approved (will not have any toxins/lead in it if bit by human or animal). Make sure the carrier won’t shock, pinch, freeze, or suffocate your pet.

#2. EASY-TO-USE:  Pet owners often struggle to lock or unlock pet carriers. When you have a scared or feisty pet that does not want to be “contained”, the last thing you need is a problematic carrier. A well-designed carrier will have easy-to-use locks and features that don’t need directions. These features should be easy to maneuver and make this process efficient for both owner and pet.

#3. COMFORT: Often times we think carriers don’t need to be as comfortable because they are typically used for short distances or short periods of time.  We assume that our pet will only have to stay in their carrier for a limited amount of time.  But even so, it is important that your pet is comfortable. If your carrier comes with a mat or water dispenser that is a great way to make sure your pet is comfortable.  Also, it is important to make sure YOU are also comfortable using the carrier.  Straps or handles are great signs of a good carrier.

#4. VENTILATION:  Often times we get caught up in the design or the price of carriers and we rarely pay any attention to the ventilation it provides.  It’s very important that your pet has plenty of breathing outlets.  A good carrier will have, at minimum, two sides of ventilation.  Never buy a carrier that is ventilated on one side.

About the Author: Mark Sevillano Jr. is Director of Sales at Wacky Paws USA, specializing in a variety of pet products such as pet carriers, pet mobiles, dog harnesses, slings, collars, pet bowls, mats and pet charms. They are best known for their revolutionary Foldable Pet Carriers (pictured above) known as their Eco Pet Carriers. Wacky Paws products and accessories are designed to help you travel with your pet in comfort and style.

Is Your Pet’s Collar Too Tight? How to Tell

Some pet parents overlook the fact that their pets can grow quickly– meaning their collars can become too tight unknowingly. That last thing we want to cause is discomfort or pain to our beloved pets. So what is too tight? Follow our easy tips here:

1. MOVE THE COLLAR AROUND: The collar should be loose enough to move it around your pet’s neck WITHOUT you needing to force it to move. Hold it by the loop where the leash goes. Cat collars may not have that loop so manually move the collar around. If the collar moves too easily, it could also be too loose! That’s dangerous as well since it can get caught onto something and choke your pet. The goal is a happy medium of movement with slight resistance.

2. TWO-FINGER TEST: Place two fingers under your pet’s collar. You should be able to tell if they have enough space to breathe comfortably. If your two fingers fit fine, your pet is comfortable. You may use three fingers as a secondary test for this step. If 3 fingers fit snug, that is a good sign.

3. LIFT THE COLLAR: Lift the collar up toward your pets ears as if you were removing a necklace from a human’s neck. Now, take your dog’s collar and gently lift it like you were going to take it off like a necklace. The goal here is that the collar should fit snug right at your pet’s ears. If it slides over his ears, its too loose. If you can’t lift it to their ears without choking them, its too tight! Adjust the pin until you find a notch that is comfortable.

For the record, a collar that is too loose is better than a collar that is too tight! Either way, follow the 3 easy steps above and make sure your pet is ultimately comfortable.


The Dog Who Wouldn’t Die

Social Media Saves Lives

Many people use social media for multiple reasons: to kill time, to contact friends, to stalk people, to promote business, etc. Then there are much holier users who use social media as a way to help fund causes they really care about such as animal rescue. When animals are in need, especially those in dire circumstances, there is a community of anonymous animal lovers out there willing to chip-in to save them. The following is a story about a dog who has been saved by social media.

Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries

Buck is a 3 year old mixed breed dog who was just recently found tied inside a garbage bag to a t-post of a fence after being shot in the head and face with a pellet gun. Buck was left to die. However, thanks to Facebook, a campaign was launched just last week to help pay for Buck’s $5k of veterinary bills.

From January 5-8th, 2013, Buck’s Facebook Page got 7k Likes. Today, January 9, Buck has nearly 30k Likes, as news coverage hit the Yahoo newswires. Now, buck has more than enough donations to meet his medical needs, so his rescuer and the organizer of this campaign named Augustyn has opened a bank account for Buck where “all donations will fund his recovery and necessities”.

Buck’s Current Condition

Buck’s current condition is that he is stable according to Dr. Ron Hendrick of Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe, Texas. However, Buck still may have pellets embedded in his eyes, which may leave him blind. Staying optimistic, we should focus on the fact that Buck is alive and has a second chance at a great life.

This goes to show you that Social Media can be used for more than just foolishness, to argue about politics, or to just kill time. If there is a cause that you are passionate about and you reach out, you may be surprised at your results.

Here’s to a new year and to saving more lives than ever before!