Health-related Pet Questions? Ask Odeliah: Resident Vet Student

More Than Just Pet Supplies

When we started, we had more in mind then just selling pet supplies. Foremost, we wanted to find a way to give back to animal charities and shelters because we can’t stand the thought of innocent animals who are virtually on death row in some shelters. So we decided to give a portion of our profits to those charities in need. Our other concern that is paramount is providing great resources and sharing advice when it comes to your pet’s lifestyle and your health-related questions. As a pet owner myself, I know I always have 10 questions at the top of my head when I have my dogs and cats in mind, whether it be related to periodontal/oral health issues, skin/fur issues, food/diet-related issues, vaccines, and of course accidents that can occur at any time.

“Ask Odeliah”

We are excited to announce that all readers of our blog and subscribers of will now have the opportunity to ask questions about their pet. A friend of ours named Odeliah is currently in Veterinary school at Ross University and is up on all of the latest scientific findings and recommendations from Veterinarian doctor-professors. We don’t know if it can get much better than this, as Odeliah is more than capable of answering your questions relating to topics of health, in addition to having access to specialist doctors at school ready to confirm opinions and findings. When presented with this opportunity, Odeliah replied “I absolutely want to begin interacting with the ‘every day pet owner’ and now is a great time to begin”. When speaking with her regarding our website and how we wish to share valuable, free resources with our customers, she showed an enthusiasm and passion for helping us make this become a reality. We are privileged to have her as part of our “Pack” as our personal oracle for pets.

Knowledge of Nutrition

“You are what you eat”. Thats the expression, right? Well, I personally believe that statement to be mostly true, since I am very conscious of the food I consume myself. Therefore, why should it be any different when it comes to keeping our pets healthy? Odeliah mentioned “At my university, I am trained in performing nutritional assessments and providing professional advice for which dog food, chew toys, dental chew toys, treats, etc. are best for the patient (animal). Even diet pet food provides incorrect meal portions for pets trying to lose weight.”

We believe this is priceless knowledge and experience that we can all benefit from, including our pets of course. We hope you choose to take advantage of this free service we are offering and feel free to e-mail Odeliah at to get your question answered soon! We will also post all of these questions and answers on our Forum page so you can search archives of past questions. Eventually we will have a breadth of information for all to share.

We appreciate your readership and interest in improving the quality of life of you and your pet

Lost Pet Alert Center

Losing a Pet Before The Internet

When someone lost a pet before the internet existed they would first panic– then scramble to call friends, neighbors, shelters, veterinarian offices, make/post fliers, and run/drive through neighborhoods like a desperate madman. We don’t blame you. After all, statistics say that

Pets Lounge In Eco-Friendly Luxury


Pets Lounge In Eco-Friendly Luxury

Lounge vs. Sleep

In the human world, we differentiate between the places that we sleep and the places that we relax or lounge. For sleep, almost all of us certainly use a bed. To relax, we use a variety of methods including a couch, sofa, lounge chair, hammock, beanbag chair, etc. Why shouldn’t this be any different for our pets? With summertime right around the corner,

“My Dog Eats Too Fast”: Solution Here

The Issue

I had never realized that so many individuals had dogs that scarfed their kibble too fast until I began receiving e-mails on occasion, asking if I knew of any specific treatments to cure this unfortunate problem. Apparently, when dogs eat too fast, they either throw-up or they often swallow too much air along with their food. That can lead to the dangerous disease called “bloat”.

Senior Dogs For Senior Citizens

“A Puppy! I Got

Dog Poop Issue Affecting Our Neighborhood


Where I Reside

I live in Los Angeles just between Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and what is still considered Los Angeles. My particular neighborhood is filled with dogs in almost every building on the block, dog-related brick and mortar businesses, in addition to a rescue that uses our street to walk all of their dogs until they find their forever homes. I have nothing against anyones dogs or the rescue (I realize they need to poo too), but eventually, our street is left littered with dog poop……everywhere.

Spread of Disease

This leads to issues of sanitation and the spread of disease (such as Parvo) to other dogs or animals who might ingest feces ladened with deadly bacteria. When I took a walk further into West Hollywood neighborhoods one afternoon, I noticed that they had posts installed where they were equipped with dog poop bags, free of charge to any dog owner in need of a bag on their way. Let’s be honest, most people either don’t have bags or often forget them in the house once they’ve already left.


I thought of a solution today. I realized that I need to get in touch with our city councilman, the honorable Paul Koretz, and explain the risks involved with letting so much dog poop lay around and get passed to other animals, through people stepping in it and bringing it into their car/home, etc. Instead, I would like posts such as the ones in West Hollywood installed in our neighborhood. Perhaps Dealwagger could provide biodegradable bags and service each post once a month. I think it would be an excellent solution to the issue at hand and we would have the opportunity to improve peoples’ lives by sharing our resources. It just so happens that one of our very first daily deals happen to be none other than a 1.5 yr supply of Biodegradable, Compostable dog poop bags. Read more next.

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