The Dog Who Wouldn’t Die

Social Media Saves Lives

Many people use social media for multiple reasons: to kill time, to contact friends, to stalk people, to promote business, etc. Then there are much holier users who use social media as a way to help fund causes they really care about such as animal rescue. When animals are in need, especially those in dire circumstances, there is a community of anonymous animal lovers out there willing to chip-in to save them. The following is a story about a dog who has been saved by social media.

Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries

Buck is a 3 year old mixed breed dog who was just recently found tied inside a garbage bag to a t-post of a fence after being shot in the head and face with a pellet gun. Buck was left to die. However, thanks to Facebook, a campaign was launched just last week to help pay for Buck’s $5k of veterinary bills.

From January 5-8th, 2013, Buck’s Facebook Page got 7k Likes. Today, January 9, Buck has nearly 30k Likes, as news coverage hit the Yahoo newswires. Now, buck has more than enough donations to meet his medical needs, so his rescuer and the organizer of this campaign named Augustyn has opened a bank account for Buck where “all donations will fund his recovery and necessities”.

Buck’s Current Condition

Buck’s current condition is that he is stable according to Dr. Ron Hendrick of Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe, Texas. However, Buck still may have pellets embedded in his eyes, which may leave him blind. Staying optimistic, we should focus on the fact that Buck is alive and has a second chance at a great life.

This goes to show you that Social Media can be used for more than just foolishness, to argue about politics, or to just kill time. If there is a cause that you are passionate about and you reach out, you may be surprised at your results.

Here’s to a new year and to saving more lives than ever before!

“Wings of Rescue” to Airlift 250 Dogs to Loving Homes This Friday from Van Nuys Airport – Volunteers Needed 12/7/12

The title speaks true. An organization called Wings of Rescue and another called S.T.A.R.T. (Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team) have partnered to make something incredible happen. Both organizations share a mission of saving dogs from death row and giving them a chance at beautiful lives in other places where they are WANTED. In fact, Wings of Rescue has saved 2,687 dogs since its inception. Bravo!

Air transport by private pilots is faster and less stressful on the dogs as opposed to being handled as “cargo” by commercial airliners. Also, since Wings of Rescue pilots are volunteers, this makes the saving of these precious souls even more possible due to lower costs to the rescue organizations.


Let’s get to the point!


250 dogs have received a holiday reprieve from a sure death sentence and will be transported via private planes to safety in their new homes in time for the holidays.


Volunteers Needed to: Play, Walk, and load the dogs up for take-off!

When: Friday, December 7, 2012 @ 830AM-1030AM at the Van Nuys Airport:

Reading to Pets Improves Children’s Reading Skills

Photo credit: Kitsap Sun, Poulsbo Elementary

How Does Reading to Pets Improve a Child’s Reading Skills?

One of the challenges for children who have below average reading levels for their grade is overcoming self-esteem issues when reading in front of their class. While a child practices reading, it is best to have a good listener nearby who is nonjudgmental. The best buddy that naturally carries these courteous traits are our pets.

The Pets

While dogs are the most common family pet and are included in many children’s reading programs nation-wide, I don’t see why the same shouldn’t be true of cats or other domesticated pets, as long as they are the type that can relax and lay by your side for a while. As most of the literature exists specifically about dogs, it has been found that children who read to dogs have improved grades, go to the library more and are absent less.

Programs Encourage Fun Reading

“Reading With Rover” is a program that exists in the Northwest U.S.

Sports Jerseys for Dogs : Just in time for Football



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