Doggie Playgroups in My Area

Socialize Your Dog, Meet New People

Is your dog socialized? Perhaps you aren’t such a social butterfly yourself? Well, it’s never too late to start putting yourself and your pup out there by joining a local doggie playgroup that are convenient, free, and really very fun and inspiring.

When we developed the concept of Dealwagger, being a local presence in the community was considered paramount. What better way to make a name for ourselves than actually making a difference at the grass-roots level in our communities? So we did our due diligence and researched whether local dog social groups existed. For the cat lovers out there, unfortunately, its not a cat’s style to go hang with other felines, but we still have love (and catnip) for them.

How could it have been any easier? We stumbled upon a website called and found numerous opportunities to join doggie playgroups, taking place in parks and different stores around town. There is an organizer in every group that is typically a fellow pet parent dedicated to giving their own pet (and yours) a place to meet new buddies and share the love by creating a cohesive community and an all-around awesome social experience (apologies if I overuse the word ‘awesome’, but it comes with being born and raised a Southern Californian).

L.A. Chihuahua & Small Dog Group

A few months ago, I took a stab at it and I RSVP’d to a small dog social group via that was taking place at a local pet supply store called Healthy Spot in West Hollywood, CA. I didn’t know what to expect or whether I was walking into a trap! Maybe they were going to up-sell me on pet products or other random solicitations that would leave me feeling uncomfortable. Boy, was I wrong! You can visit the group’s own Facebook page