Dog Poop Issue Affecting Our Neighborhood


Where I Reside

I live in Los Angeles just between Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and what is still considered Los Angeles. My particular neighborhood is filled with dogs in almost every building on the block, dog-related brick and mortar businesses, in addition to a rescue that uses our street to walk all of their dogs until they find their forever homes. I have nothing against anyones dogs or the rescue (I realize they need to poo too), but eventually, our street is left littered with dog poop……everywhere.

Spread of Disease

This leads to issues of sanitation and the spread of disease (such as Parvo) to other dogs or animals who might ingest feces ladened with deadly bacteria. When I took a walk further into West Hollywood neighborhoods one afternoon, I noticed that they had posts installed where they were equipped with dog poop bags, free of charge to any dog owner in need of a bag on their way. Let’s be honest, most people either don’t have bags or often forget them in the house once they’ve already left.


I thought of a solution today. I realized that I need to get in touch with our city councilman, the honorable Paul Koretz, and explain the risks involved with letting so much dog poop lay around and get passed to other animals, through people stepping in it and bringing it into their car/home, etc. Instead, I would like posts such as the ones in West Hollywood installed in our neighborhood. Perhaps Dealwagger could provide biodegradable bags and service each post once a month. I think it would be an excellent solution to the issue at hand and we would have the opportunity to improve peoples’ lives by sharing our resources. It just so happens that one of our very first daily deals happen to be none other than a 1.5 yr supply of Biodegradable, Compostable dog poop bags. Read more next.

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