Actress Amy Davidson’s Yorkies go on a Shopping Spree

Amy Davidson is a talented actress and avid dog lover, residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is best known for her role as Kerry Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter. Recently, Amy just wrapped an independent film called Another Stateside.  You can catch her on a Vegas episode airing next Monday the 19th as well.

Amy agreed to review her shopping experience on in exchange for a Shopping Spree toward her purchases for her two beautiful Yorkies named Sophie and Stanley. We asked Amy a few questions in regards to her experience shopping on our website from step 1 to the delivery of her order, which follows.

The Interview

Dealwagger: Hi Amy, so how was the overall user experience once you logged on to

Amy: The website was not only very user-friendly, but it was fun and easy to browse. There were many subcategories to choose from, yet all of the products had clear images and descriptions, which was very helpful when choosing the right products for Stanley & Sophie.

Dealwagger: Can you name three highlights that made your experience?

Amy: Sure. To start, the banners on the homepage were not only really cute, but they taught me about different features such as free shipping for orders over $75 and learning about the current Featured Charity of the Month.  Another thing that I appreciated was the clarity of the product images. Some of them even had the nutrition fact labels on the back accessible and readable, which made me feel like I was really at a local pet shop, but in the comfort of my home. Last but not least, when you add a product to your cart, you are given a clear indicator asking whether you would like to continue shopping or if you prefer to checkout. I felt in control and it wasn’t a frustrating process like I’ve experienced many times before on other sites.

Dealwagger: We are glad you found those features useful. We always listen to the suggestions of our customers and visitors alike, so we can build the best discount pet supply shop online today. Would you mind sharing what you purchased for Stanley & Sophie via and why you made those choices?

Amy:  Yes, the best part.

1. Frontline Plus for Dog 0-22lbs: Stanley and Sophie had some bouts with fleas this year as many pets do. Flea meds are a must to relieve them from discomfort and so they don’t eat the fleas and develop a case of worms! Find it HERE.

2. N-Bone Twistix Original- 5.5oz: These chews are great for dog dental health. They freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar with its twisty design that finds its way into the crevices of their gums. Find it HERE.

3. Premier Pet Busy Buddy Waggle: This product triples as a toy, chew, and treat dispenser. The dogs can’t get enough of playing with this and they are even rewarded with treats that randomly dispense while shaken around. Keeps them busy and tires them out! Find it HERE.

4. Himalayan Dog Chew Dog Treats: 3.5oz : I chose these because they were highly recommended by the staff. They are made of yak and cow milk using traditional methods from the Himalayas, with no chemicals or preservatives. They are hard, long-lasting treats that give the dogs something tasty to work on for hours. All dogs should have a nutritious chew like this! Find them HERE.

5. Zukes Z-Bone Mini – .5oz : These Z-Bones are rich in antioxidants, manageable for smaller dogs, and are super yummy. They are a healthy way to clean teeth and freshen breath for dogs. I was informed that Zuke’s was a very eco-conscious company out of Colorado so I thought it was worth the try! Find it HERE.

6. Angels Eyes Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs: Have you ever seen dogs with clumpy tear stains? Its an issue many Terriers deal with. Lucky for them, there is a safe product out there that gets rid of unsightly tear stains within 3-5 weeks! Amy reports that Angels Eyes has both reduced watering and crusties around their eyes. They also taste like liver which the dogs love. Find it HERE.

7. ClearQuest Biodegradable Waste Bags: Every dog has to do its business and every its every owner’s responsibility to pick up their waste. I figured why not do it better and buy biodegradable waste bags that were affordable and perfect for a refill. Find them HERE.

Dealwagger: Did everything arrive in one piece and timely?

Amy: Yes, indeed. I received multiple e-mails updating me about shipping and tracking and all the items arrived in one piece within 4 days. It was really fun opening our box of goodies and spoiling the little ones! I want to thank Dealwagger for giving us this opportunity.

Dealwagger: You, Stanley, and Sophie are featured on our Wags of Fame page, thanks for partnering with us! Best of luck to you and your pups.



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Dog Poop Issue Affecting Our Neighborhood


Where I Reside

I live in Los Angeles just between Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and what is still considered Los Angeles. My particular neighborhood is filled with dogs in almost every building on the block, dog-related brick and mortar businesses, in addition to a rescue that uses our street to walk all of their dogs until they find their forever homes. I have nothing against anyones dogs or the rescue (I realize they need to poo too), but eventually, our street is left littered with dog poop……everywhere.

Spread of Disease

This leads to issues of sanitation and the spread of disease (such as Parvo) to other dogs or animals who might ingest feces ladened with deadly bacteria. When I took a walk further into West Hollywood neighborhoods one afternoon, I noticed that they had posts installed where they were equipped with dog poop bags, free of charge to any dog owner in need of a bag on their way. Let’s be honest, most people either don’t have bags or often forget them in the house once they’ve already left.


I thought of a solution today. I realized that I need to get in touch with our city councilman, the honorable Paul Koretz, and explain the risks involved with letting so much dog poop lay around and get passed to other animals, through people stepping in it and bringing it into their car/home, etc. Instead, I would like posts such as the ones in West Hollywood installed in our neighborhood. Perhaps Dealwagger could provide biodegradable bags and service each post once a month. I think it would be an excellent solution to the issue at hand and we would have the opportunity to improve peoples’ lives by sharing our resources. It just so happens that one of our very first daily deals happen to be none other than a 1.5 yr supply of Biodegradable, Compostable dog poop bags. Read more next.

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