We would be nothing without our friends and supporters. That is why we are proud to share our friends, partners and trusted associates with you. We hope you take some time to explore all of these unique, quality brands of pet lifestyle products.


Earth Rated: Biodegradable, compostable dog poop bags. With eco-friendly PoopBags, you’re not only caring for the planet, you’re enjoying the pick up too!

Pet Naturals: The potencies of products are scientifically formulated to help pets enjoy optimal health and wellness. Active components are carefully combined for the best possible metabolic support.

Spring Naturals: Natural dinners and treats for pets. Grain-free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Gluten-free, No Artificial flavors.


Critter Alert Network: Lost Pet Alert Network - Use this link for 50% off service for 1 year (Only $6). Don't wait until your pet is lost. 


Valley Pet Sitting: The Best Pet Sitting Service in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Area

Animal Feed Supplies :  Pet Supplies for those located in the United Kingdom